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From: Stephen R. – 09/2013

I have been meaning to write to thank Linda from Little Angels for fixing the dreadful job that I did with Nancy when she was three and a half.

It all started when we went along to the pool. After her swimming around for a bit with her arm bands on and a float suit she wanted to jump in from the side for me to catch her (I’m not sure what I was thinking) She jumped to me and I let her splash into the water by herself and she went under. She was a little flustered and cross at me and I said “your fine with me don’t worry”, so she jumped to me again, I did the same and let her go into the water, only this time swallowed half the pool and that was it!!! She hated the water!! What I thought was a bit of fun turned out to be a massive mistake.

We took her to Little Angels for a group lesson to try to fix what I had done and she wouldn’t let go of me, cried throughout the lesson, and after a few times of this I said to Linda that I wouldn’t be coming again as its not good for the other people in the lesson and apologised about pulling out the course early. I told Linda how stupid I had been, and how a totally innocent practical fun mess about in the baths had spoilt it for the foreseeable future.

She said she could put it right, and offered us 1 – 1 lessons. I was not confident that she would undo what I had done. but had nothing but a few lessons to loose to try her offer out.

It started as expected, a lot of tears. So the next lesson I left her with Linda and was able to listen out of sight of Nancy as she would just cry with me at the pool side.

Over the weeks she built her confidence up and after four thirty minute lessons she was putting her face in the water blowing bubbles!! WOW!! After another 6 lessons she was swimming with a noodle with her head in the water!! WOW x 2!!

Now twelve months on she has overtaken my eldest daughter who is a year older and is a very confident fast swimmer in the pool!! I just wanted to give praise to Linda and let her know what a fantastic instructor she was, and with her gentle natured professional approach, brought my daughter who was terrified of the water to nowadays swimming like a fish!!

I can’t thank Linda enough for turning my stupid actions that day around and giving her the ability to swim and enjoy the water, which I thought would be an impossible task!!

Good luck for the future, and we will be in touch when my youngest is ready to take lessons in preparation for un aided swimming, as I think I’ll stick to my day job!!

Thank you again.

Best Regards,

Stephen R.