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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our lessons or baby swimming in general that aren’t answered below then we will be pleased to answer them.
Please contact us.

1) I can’t swim, does this matter?
No – whilst you need to get into the pool with your child (under 3yrs or not confident to swim without you) you will not be required to go out of your depth.

2) What do I need to bring to my lesson?
Just you and your child with swimming costume/trunks/shorts/towels and a swim nappy if required.
All other swimming equipment is provided.

3) Will I get my hair wet?
Yes! (but not if you really don’t want to).
We encourage parents to participate fully and enthusiastically!!!
The more you put in the more they get out!

4) How much is a course of lessons?
Lessons cost from just £8.00 (with sibling discount at Stretford) per lesson and are paid for by the term.
Please note term lengths will vary according to school term dates.

5) When can my child start a course of lessons?
Any time (space permitting). You’ll only pay from the day you start.

6) How many pupils per class?
The pupil:teacher ratio for the swim academy (3+yrs) is 4:1.
For under 3’s the pupil+parent:teacher ratio is 6:1

7) How warm are the pools?
All our pool is 31 degrees Celsius – the ideal temperature for young children to swim in for a 30 minute lesson.

8) Does my baby need injections before starting swimming lessons?
No, current guidelines state that babies no longer require to have had their injections before they start to swim.

9) What training have your teachers had?
All our teachers are ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) or STA (Swimming Teachers Association) trained and have been CRB checked.
Our baby teachers have had additional specialist training from the STA.